Create your own UGLY Sweater @ Home

Attending a Holiday function this Season but you don't have an "UGLY" Sweater in your wardrobe! Guess, what we can help you create one, for just under $20.00.

Here's a few tips and tricks that will make you the life of the party:-

  • Use a Sweater or Hoodie from your own wardrobe- One that you really don't mind "destroying".

  • Locate a pair or Scissors

  • Locate a Hot Glue Gun (or Borrow one)

  • Head on over to the Dollar Store near you (Shelly Bay, Hamilton or Heron Bay) and select any of following items (remember - Stay in your BUDGET). 1. garland, a large or small Christmas stocking, pipe cleaners, a festive headband, Mardi Gras beads in green, red or gold & a package of Christmas bows (the kind you put on your gifts).

Ok, here's the fun part!

  1. Place your Sweater or Hoodie on a flat surface (table or floor)

  2. Layout your goodies

  3. Start separating and creating the perfect design

  4. **Plug in your Hot glue gun & be careful**

Now, get Gluing!

Ensure your pieces are secured with enough glue. You don't want to fall apart during the Electric Slide".


Admire your masterpiece, take a selfie & share your masterpiece with your social media contacts.

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Happy Holidays from the Team at Scribbles Art Shack

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