Artsy in 2019!

Are you looking to get #artsy in 2019? Want to start doing something on your own?

Here's a few Tips to get you going:-

1.Write down what medium of "art" you want to pursue i.e. Yarn, Collaging, Mosaic, Chalk, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolors, Jewelry making etc.

2. Plan a start date for your project & prepare a clean pace. That is crucial to get your "creative" juices going.

3. Visit Pinterest for inspiration, select an "easy project" to recreate.

4. Plan a BUDGET! Yes, its crucial! You'll be $100.00 in the hole. Don't be like me and just pick up.

5.Visit -DNA Creative on Front Street or Stationery Store on Reid Street

6. Take your goodies home to your "newly" created space and get to #work

7. Stick to your deadline and make yourself accountable of finishing the project!

Happy Creating! #beingarsty #2019yearforcreatives #artinspiration #gettoit

or visit our website for more class options

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