Frequently asked questions

Is my Credit Card Information Safe?

OUR website is a secure site and all credit cards are processed by a secure bank approved payment gateway. Your credit card payments are processed securely. WE do not keep your credit card details and they are only passed to the bank for processing a credit card payment.

Should I book my seat in advance?

Yes, you must book in advance. Please check our events calendar our for all classes and sessions available. If booking after the booking time line has closed, please email us on

How long are the sessions?

Friday and Saturday night sessions and Sunday afternoon sessions run for about 2 hours and 15 minutes. While our Sunday evening sessions run for about 2 hours.

What time should I arrive?

Our evening sessions start at 6pm and our Sunday afternoon sessions start at 1pm. We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes prior to session start times so you can checkin with our artists, grab your apron and paints.

How old do I need to be to attend a session?

Yes! By then end of the session, your masterpiece will be dry for you to take home. *This goes for Birthday parties for kids as well*

What if I need to cancel my booking?

You cancel your booking at any time up to 72 hours prior to your session, we will reschedule your seat to a more convenient date or provide you with a "full" refund in the same manner as you made your booking. Should you need to cancel your booking within 24hours of the session, a $25 rebooking fee per seat applies. “No shows” will be charged the full amount without refund.

Can I book a private paint for an adult or child?

Yes! Email us for your proposed dates. Email:

What are your COVID-19 practices?

The Scribbles Art Shack team ask clients to wash hands with soap and water prior to starting the session or using the hand sanitzer present. Staff will wear masks "at all times" when providing your group of 6 or less "Art Services". We will handle all of the pumping of paints to minimize the spread of "germs". Plastic Aprons will now be provided to all clients vs the standard cloth methods (we have had in the past). Handling of brushes and easels will now be sprayed with a disinfectent before and after all sessions/events. Gloves will be worn to remove any napkins and placed in a bin immediately.

Do you have a SunSmart Policy?

BEHAVIOUR: • Students will wear broad-brimmed or bucket hats whenever they are outside. • The Camp has a strict ‘3 Strikes’ to No Play Rule: Students with no hat will be allowed outside in a shaded area, or they will remain indoors with another camp counsellor and after (3) incidents the parent will be charged for a hat to remain onsite for the week• Students will apply sunscreen SPF30 daily and reapply every 2 hours when outside (before any repellent is also applied). • Students will seek shade when doing outdoor activities as much as possible and whenever possible. • Students will have regular water rehydration, and use reusable water bottles from home. • Staff will act as role models by practicing sun protective behaviours. COMMUNICATION: Our policy is realistic and achievable. • All Parents have received a copy of our policy. It also posted on the Scribbles Art Shack notice boards and on our Website (accessible for parents). • The instructor for the Scribbles Art Shack is briefed on the Club’s Sun Smart policy. ENVIRONMENT: • POP-UP Location for 2020 • Water is readily available from a Clear Water Systems. Counsellors will ensure that students fill up their water bottles before leaving to attend outings. EDUCATION: • Students will play games and have activities that incorporate our Sun Smart message. EVALUATION: • Monitor the implementation of our policy. • Assess honestly how staff implemented and demonstrated our camp policy. • Provide an opportunity for constructive and objective feedback through staff discussions and parent feedback. • Review our Sun Protection Policy and make needed changes for the following year (2021) The SunSmart programme is generously sponsored by Bermuda Cancer & Health *Bermuda

Have you taken any Covid-19 Infection Prevention Regulation Courses?

Yes, our staff is trained and qualified with the Guild CV-19 Regulations.

Do you have a sibling rate?

Yes, we sure do! Email us about it and we will be happy to assist you.

What Credit & Debit Cards do you accept?

Bermuda Residence - We accept Visa & Mastercard up until October 31st 2020. After which we will resort to online transfers into our bank account. UK Residence - We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Exrpess. Or a direct deposit to our Business account (provide via an Invoice).

Will you conduct NHS Test & Trace at home & outdoor Garden Parties?

Yes, we will collect the below information:-
Contact phone number
Date and time of appointment/bookings
Which member of staff was present.

What is the length of my Gift Certificate?

Expiration Dates on Gift Certificates Any purchases made in 2020 have an expiration date of 360 days. Any purchases made in 2019 have an expiration date of Dec 31st 2020. All purchases made in December 2018 will be able to redeem them up until December 2019 (Unfortunately, anything after 2019, is not permitted).